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Media@McGill Graduate Travel Award (*Revised)

Media@McGill offers graduate student travel awards. Details for the competition are presented below. For a list of students who have received Media@McGill travel awards in previous competitions, click here.

Goal: The purpose of the travel award is to help fund the travel of graduate students in Art History or Communication Studies to conferences, workshops, summer schools, and research-related travel, for projects related to media, as defined in Media@McGill’s mission statement. Students may apply for a Media@McGill Graduate Travel Award anytime between September 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017. Your travel must be carried out no later than five months following the date of your application.

Eligibility: Graduate students in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies are eligible to apply. Students must demonstrate that they have applied for other sources of funding, where applicable, including funding for accommodation (e.g. McGill Alma Mater Fund, Faculty of Arts graduate travel awards, funding from a conference organism/institute).

Application: All dossiers must include the following materials:

1. A brief (200 words max.) description of travel and event/institution to be attended;

2. Accompanying documentation about the event/institution;

3. An abstract or summary of the paper/research;

4. If award is to attend a conference, official conference acceptance of paper submitted;

5. A summary of how the travel fits in with Media@McGill's mission statement;

6. The amount requested;

7. The name of your MA/PhD supervisor.

Amount: $250-$650 depending on need and availability of funds.

Criteria: Applications will be considered for quality, need, opportunity and their fit with Media@McGill's mission.

Award/Disbursement (NEW PROCEDURE): Media@McGill travel awards are now being considered on a rolling basis. Answers to the travel award requests will be given within two weeks after the reception of the application. Students can only receive one travel award per year.

For conference travel: if you did not submit the confirmation of your conference paper’s acceptance with your application, your award will be paid out only when you have submitted the confirmation.

Conditions: Successful applicants must submit the following documents as soon as possible upon return [maximum delay: 2 months after the travel] to receive their award:

1. Checklist form; will be emailed to you with your award notification;

2. Proof of travel in recipient’s name (boarding passes, hotel receipts or credit card statements);

3. Conference program page (photocopy or scan), if applicable;

4. A 500-word (or longer) report on their travel project.


Successful applicants must also agree to have their travel project posted on the Media@McGill website and acknowledge the support of Media@McGill in material produced with the aid of the award.


To apply: Please send your completed dossier by email in a single pdf to Mary Chin, Administrative Coordinator, Media@McGill, at the following email address:

For additional information and all questions, please contact Sophie Toupin, Project Administrator ( or call (514) 398-8364.