Bourse accordée pour compléter une thèse


Media@McGill offre, par voie de concours, un certain nombre de bourses pour aider les étudiants au doctorat à compléter leur thèse. Les détails concernant le concours 2010 sont présentés ci-dessous. Pour consulter la liste des boursiers, cliquez ici

Goal: To facilitate the completion of dissertations.

Eligibility: PhD 6 and PhD 7. Students must have defended their dissertation proposal and made significant progress on the dissertation, such that most of their thesis research is complete and a good portion of the thesis - equivalent to half the proposed chapters - has been written. Preference may be given to students who do not hold major fellowships from other sources. Students can only receive the Media@McGill Advanced Dissertation Grant once.

Award: maximum of $5,000

Application materials: 1. A single-page letter of application that summarizes dissertation work completed and work remaining. 2. A detailed outline of the dissertation (no longer than 1,000 words). 3. One chapter from the thesis. 4. The name of your PhD supervisor. 5. A summary on how the project fits in with Media@McGill’s mission statement. 6. An up-to-date curriculum vitae. Applicants should inform M@M of all past, ongoing and upcoming grants and fellowships, amounts and final year(s) of payment.

Condition of Award: Successful applicants must agree to have their dissertation outline posted on the Media@McGill website and acknowledge the support of Media@McGill in their dissertation and any other material produced with the aid of these funds. Upon deposit of the dissertation, they may submit a revised outline if there are significant changes.

Deadline: 6 October 2017

To apply: Please send your completed dossier by email in a single pdf to Mary Chin, Administrative Coordinator, Media@McGill, by 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 6, 2017 at the following email address:

Applicants will be informed of decisions approximately one month after the deadline.

For additional information and all questions, please contact Sophie Toupin, Project Administrator ( or call (514) 398-8364.