Graduate Student Travel Awards 2017-2018

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Tawny Andersen - Travel to Banff, AB, CA to present “A Duet with Camera: Dance and the Still and Moving Image” at the Universities Art Association of Canada conference

Zoe De Luca - Travel to New York, NY, USA to participate in Indigenous New York, Artists’ Perspectives Colloquium

Emma Flavian - Travel to New Orleans, LA, USA to present "You In The Middle of the World, Man": Figuring the Queer/Black Atlantic as a Problem for Thought in Barry Jenkins' 'Moonlight' " at the American Association of Geographers' Annual Meeting

Clinton Glenn - Travel to Prague, Czech Republic to present “Murderers of the Patriarchy: Reframing the (Queer) Nation in Romas Zabarauskas’ Porno Melodrama (2011) and Nuo Lietuvos Nepabėgsi (You Can’t Escape Lithuania, 2016)”, International Communications Association’s preconference on Media, Gender, and Sexuality in Europe

Robin Lynch - Travel to Chicago, IL, USA to present “Liveliness as Productivity: Biophilic Design and Atmospheric Control” at the University of Chicago 14th Annual Graduate Student Conference on “Sensing Media”, and to do archival research

Evgeniya Makarova - Travel to Munich, Germany to visit exhibitions, attend colloquium and perform archival research

Sophie Toupin - Travel to Madeira, Portugal to present "Preliminary Thoughts on Anti-colonial Hacking" at the Strategic Narrative for Technology and Africa conference