Cabaret Commons Critical Project/Cabaret Commons Exhibition Place

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Itzayana Gutierrez


For my internship with the Cabaret Commons Critical Project (CCCP) and Cabaret Commons Exhibition Place (CCXP). I will be working on the design and development of two website projects around performance art and activism in Montreal, Toronto and Mexico City. The websites have been conceived by Dr. Jasmine Rault (Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology, University of Toronto Mississauga) and Dr. T.L. Cowan (Faculty of Information, iSchool, University of Toronto).

My main focus will be to curate one of the pilot exhibitions for the CCXP. This pilot, based on Studio 303 original archival materials, includes the digital articulation of the exhibition; and the participation in a collaborative Digital Research Ethics protocol that corresponds to my own research, cataloguing and display processes. Both processes are centered in the intimate collaboration and reciprocal accountability between the researchers, the artivists, the community organizers and the collectors of rare performance
materials. And in how such dynamics help shaping critical archives
and digital museologies.