Bourse de stage Média@McGill


La bourse de stage Média@McGill offre un soutien financier aux étudiants de premier cycle de la Faculté des arts qui entreprennent un stage national (en dehors de la région de Montréal) ou international au sein d’un organisme dont les activités concernent directement les médias (selon la description fournie dans l’énoncé de mission de Média@McGill).

Administered through the Faculty of Arts Internship Office in conjunction with Media@McGill, this $4,500 Award provides funding to assist students with travel and other expenses related to their internship. In keeping with Media@McGill’s mission statement, which describes the field of media as encompassing “practices of transmission, circulation, storage, memory and meaning,” the internship can take place in a variety of media-related organisations, including, but not limited to, public radio or television stations, newspapers and publishing houses, non-profit internet-based organisations, as well as digital heritage or media art centres.

The Media@McGill Internship Award application deadline for summer 2014 is March 18, 2014, at 12:00 p.m. For information on how to apply, please visit the Faculty of Arts Internship Program page.