Artesian Films, Montreal, QC

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Emma Flavian


My internship will be with Artesian Films, as assistant and research aid to Tamás Wormser, founder of the production company. Since 1989, ARTESIAN FILMS has been creating interdependent award-winning films that have been shown around the world. While part of my internship will imply the completion of some office and paperwork, Mr. Wormser has been most generous in allowing me to come up with a project I might undertake while working with him, as it relates to documentary filmmaking or experimental cinema and Mr. Wormser's own avant-garde aesthetic interests. As I the subject of my Master's thesis is deeply tied to the potentialities of experimental and non-narrative cinema to contravene modes of perceptions, relationalities, and production of an experience of felt "reality" which has been shaped through and in conjunction with the cinematic as a technology of Western modernity's anti-black and colonial project, and as part of my thesis research will revolve around a close attention to both the tradition of avant-garde cinema and "post-cinematic" current experimental developments in the medium, Artesian Film is an ideal space for the furthering and growth of my research, and I expect my scholarly endeavours to have much to gain from a collaboration with Mr. Wormser as an experimental documentary filmmaker, particularly through the potential opportunity of developing these theoretical notions through the audiovisual medium myself.