“Conflict[ed] Reporting,” special issue of Photography & Culture


Christine Ross, Tamar Tembeck, Theodora Tsentas, eds. “Conflict[ed] Reporting,” special issue of Photography & Culture, vol. 8, no. 2 (July 2015).


Now available: Special issue of Photography & Culture is based on an international symposium hosted by Media@McGill in Montreal, Canada, in November 2012.

Titled Conflict[ed] Reporting: War and Photojournalism in the Digital Age, the symposium brought together communications and arts scholars alongside war reporters and photojournalists to raise a light to questions including the following: Has digital technology altered the practice of conflict photography? What new ways could professional photographers seek to engage compassion-fatigued audiences? What are the ethical implications of publishing amateur-produced content in the mainstream media? The aim of this special issue of Photography & Culture is to elaborate on this theme, among others, with a collection of essays and images from the participants of the symposium (Susan Carruthers, Donald Matheson, Louie Palu, Sharon Sliwinski), as well as additional contributors (Ariella Azoulay, Reilley Bishop-Stall, Liam Kennedy), whose work tackles the visibility and, subsequently, the optics of contemporary war in a changing digital landscape.