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Professor, James McGill Professor of Urban Media Studies

Interest and Bio: 

Will Straw is Professor of Communications in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University. From 2011 to 2016, he was Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (since June 1, 2011). Dr.Straw was awarded the David Thomson Award for Graduate Supervision and Teaching from McGill University in 2006. Dr. Straw has been Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts (Belgrade), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City), the University of Aarhus (Denmark), the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and the Central European University (Budapest).

Will Straw’s interests include urban culture and the history of print culture, popular music studies and cinema. His current research includes a book-length study of tabloid/scandal publications in New York in the 1920s and 1930s and studies of the ways in which cities develop, promote and regulate their night-time cultures.

Recent publications include the co-edited volumes Improvisation and Social Aesthetics (with Georgina Born and Eric Lewis), “ “I Wanna Be Your Punk: DIY e culturas underground/I Wanna Be Your Punk: DIY and underground cultures,” co-edited with Paula Guerra (Special dossier in Cadernos de Arte y Antropologia, vol. 6, no. 1, 2017); “The Visuality of Scenes” (co-edited with Nathalie Casemajor), Special issue of Imaginations:  Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, No. 17.2, March, 2017; “Night” (co-edited with Christie Pearson), special issue of Scapegoat:  Architecture, Landscape, Political Economy (March, 2017), and “Habiter (la nuit)/Inhabiting (the night) (co-edited with Luc Gwiazdzinski), thematic ssue of Intermédialités, no. 26 (September, 2015; published 2016). Dr. Straw is currently co-editing, with Janine Marchessault, the Oxford Handbook of Canadian Cinema.


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Canadian culture and globalization; crime, visuality and print media; film studies; urban culture