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The future of public broadcasting












Media@McGill, in partnership with the Annenberg School for Communication and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), is organizing a two-day international conference on the future of public broadcasting, to take place in London, England on 7-8 September 2007. "This is a topic that has baffled media analysts and policy-makers alike for the past two decades," said Marc Raboy, Beaverbrook Chair in Ethics, Media and Communications and one of the lead organizers of the conference. "The renewal of the BBC's governing Charter this year provides an interesting benchmark for rethinking this difficult issue," said Professor Raboy.

The first day of the conference will take place at the BBC's London headquarters, and will feature a series of presentations focused on the BBC's efforts to redefine its public purpose in the wake of the challenges of digitalization and globalization that all broadcasters are facing in the 21st century. On the second day, which will take place at the Royal Institute of British Architects, participants will consider how well the BBC experience can inform the situations of other national broadcasters, in countries (such as Canada) where public broadcasting has a long history, as well as in emerging democracies or transitional states which are in the process of developing their national broadcasting systems.

The event is entitled "Repositioning Public Service Broadcasting -- The BBC Charter Renewal and its Global Aftermath" and will bring together senior strategic planners from a range of national broadcast organizations, institutional participants from donor and other groups interested in promoting public service broadcasting, and an international list of leading scholars and analysts specialized in the study of media policy.