Media @ McGill | Rebecca Solnit: In Haiti, Words Can Kill

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 " is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our post-9/11 world and a clear sense of how our imperial globe actually works."

Here's Tom on Rebecca Solnit's latest feature article on the Dispatch, entitled When the Media is the Disaster:

"The coverage has been beyond massive, sentimental, self-congratulatory, and not anyone’s finest hour -- and a month or three from now, predictably, Haiti will still be utterly devastated and there will be but one or two foreign correspondents on hand.  Anderson, Diane, Brian, Katie?  They’ll be somewhere else, 24/7.  Of course, much of what happened might have been far better prepared for, if any of the anchors or correspondents had read Rebecca Solnit’s revelatory book, A Paradise Built in Hell, which offers news from the past on what people, again and again, in the worst of times, actually do without the help of the authorities.  The answer:  generally, they take care of each other in remarkably creative ways.  Tom"