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Phillip Napoli speaks at Media@McGill

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napoliProfessor Philip Napoli, Director of the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center at Fordham University, participated in an interview for Media@McGill during his visit to the Montreal Media Policy Group, MMPG. Professor Napoli elaborated on the struggles, within the US communications policy community, to access the very data which is so central to their work and commented on the fact that information research has become a significant forum for political struggle in the United States.

Media@McGill is pleased to present the following excerpts of the interview (QuickTime required):

Napoli on media ownership in the U.S.

Napoli on the privatization of data in the U.S.

Napoli on the role of research in policymaking

Napoli on the fairness doctrine

Napoli on the 'marketplace of ideas'

Media@McGill would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Professor Napoli for his engaging and informative visit.