Media @ McGill

Graduate Research Fellowships for Continuing Doctoral Students



Zoë De Luca - “You can go now”: producing decolonial publics in a globalized art world

Ayanna Dozier - Black Women on the Run: The Counter-Poetics of Black Women’s Cinematic and Performance Art Practices

Itzayana Gutiérrez Arillo - Exotic Affections, Totalitarism and Cartooning in Latin American Comics: 1930-1975

Alexandra Kelebay - The Imperial Image Imprinted: Circulation, Materiality, and Translation in Kievan Coinage, c. 980-1054

Braden Scott - Building Spaces for the Gods: Maarten van Heemskerck’s Ancient Mediterranean


Shana Cooperstein - Reading Between the Lines: Post-Academic Drawing Pedagogy in Nineteenth-Century France

Ayanna Dozier - Archival Hauntings: Animating the Histories and Archives of Black Women’s Post Civil Rights Experimental Cinema



Tawny Andersen - Performativity as Material Praxis

Shana Cooperstein - Reading Between the Lines: Post-Academic Drawing Pedagogy in Nineteenth-Century France

Li Cornfeld - Stages of Technology

Lotfi Gouigah - Opaque Media and Performative Technics: Communication Theory and New Media Art Criticism

Victoria Simon - Mobile Musical Screens and the App Economy

Celina van Dembroucke - Pics or it didn’t happen: how photography delivers a message: The case of amateurs and photojournalists in Latin America


Tawny Andersen - Performativity as Critical Praxis

Shana Cooperstein - Archival research, Paris, France

Li Cornfield - Products in Production at International CES

Nathaniel Laywine - Solidarity and Global Citizenship: International Volunteerism and Service Learning in Peru

Isabelle Masse - Médium et sensation: Histoires croisées dans le portrait français du XVIIIe siècle

Maryse Ouellet - Le sublime par l'image : contemporanéité du sublime dans l'art actuel

Jonathan Rouleau - The Cultural Nocturnalization of the Marconi-Alexandra Neighborhood in Montreal: Implications and Issues

Victoria Simon - Anybody can be a Musician: Transparency and the Discursive Construction of Touch in Interfaces for Music Composition

Abi Shapiro - Home Making and Making Homes: Intersections of Feminist Art and Architecture in the 1970s

Samine Tabatabaei - Contemporary Art of Iran


Jonathan Rouleau - The cultural role of universities in Montreal: reframing the university-city approach 

Abigail Shapiro - Reading Politics in Process: Historicizing Feminist Artists' Notebooks, 1960 - 1980

Guillaume Sirois - Making Judgement on the Arts in a Globalized World: the Case of the Venice Biennale

Samine Tabatabaei - Confines of Art Historical Narratives


Caroline Bem - “Death Proof" and the Cinematic Diptych

Rafico Ruiz - Sites of Communication: The Grenfell Mission of Newfoundland and Labrador

Errol Salamon - Media Labour Disputes and Social Change in Canada: An Institutional and Policy History of the Present 

Cheryl Thompson - The Racialization of Beauty Culture, Hollywood Films, and Advertising, 1920-1939


Caroline Bem - The Cinematic Diptych: From Writing Tablets to System Reboots

Cheryl Thompson - The Rise of Western Beauty Culture, Black Hair Products, and Canada's Ladies' Magazine, Chatelaine 1860s to 1990s

Errol Salamon - Working Community Media Labour Disputes: Community Radio Workers' Lockout Blog Take Back Our Radio, 2008-2009

Heather Gibb - The Rialto Theatre and the Challenge to Preservation

Christine Crowther - Post-conflict Journalism Assistance: Finding a Complement to "Social" Peacebuilding

Guillaume Sirois - Building the global metaculture: the UNESCO and the narrative of the universality of human culture

Rafico Ruiz - The Grenfell Mission: extractive economies, labour patterns, and practices of social reform



Caroline Bem - The Cinematic Diptych: From Writing Tablets to System Reboots

Errol Salamon - Labour demand: Worker struggles in North American public service media

Cheryl Thompson - Sale and Runaway Advertisements of the Halifax Gazette, 1752-1830: Black Bodies, Racial Stereotypes, and the Marketing of Servitude



Chris Gutierrez - Fashioning the Veil: Bodies, Borders and the Multi-Cultural State

Allison Jacques - Not only the Lonely: Personal Advertisements in Justice Weekly, 1946-72



Neal Thomas - Postmetaphysical Informatics

Lalai Manjikian - Spaces of Contention: Deconstructing Social Exclusion/Inclusion and Everyday Refugee Experiences in Montréal

Dwayne Avery - The Future is Behind You: The Reclamation of Place in Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind

Jorge Frozzini - Understanding Intimacy: The Cultural and Ethical Implications of Intimacy in our World



Geneviève Bonin - Licence renewal accountability: The CRTC versus radio broadcasters

Richard Hink - The limits of the knowledge society: representation, risk and the revenge of the material economy.

Aysha Mawani - Cultural diversity: A budding global policy platform

Tobias C. van Veen - Technics of disappearance: rave culture vs. the State, as unheard by the media in Vancouver, B.C., 1990-2000


Ali Mohammed - The growing impact of alternative media on traditional news and emerging democracy in the Arab World

Jeremy Morris - Political economy and policy on social network sites

Liz Springate - Stories of resistance: Digital storytelling and anti-violence activism

Gregory Taylor - Co-regulation and Canadian media

Samantha Thrift - Canadian feminism meets neo-liberalism: The 1984 NAC leaders’ debate