Media @ McGill

Graduate Entrance Scholarships



The Beaverbrook Fund for Media@McGill has awarded graduate entrance scholarships to the following students:



PhD Art History

MA Communication Studies

PhD Communication Studies


PhD Art History

MA Art History

PhD Communication Studies

MA Communication Studies



PhD Art History

PhD Communication Studies

MA Communication Studies


PhD Art History                                      

PhD Communication Studies

MA Communication Studies


PhD Communication Studies

MA Communication Studies

PhD Art History

MA Art History


Li Cornfeld - Mourning Becomes electronic: Death and Dying in Memorial Technology

Frances Cullen - Medium Specificity, Contemporary Art, and Temporal Representation

Justin Lutz - Southern Strategies: A Rapprochement of Gender, Space, and Transgression in the New World

Victoria Simon - Music Software: The Arbiters of Audio Culture

Lorenzo Vargas - Communication Processes for Settlement and Integration of Colombian IDPs and Refugees


Nathaniel LaywineNarratives of International Development and Identity Formation in Indigenous Communities

Celina Van Dembroucke - The recordatorios: Representations of Memory and Disappearance



Gretchen King - Community Media Movements in the Middle East

Guillaume Sirois - Globalized artistic practices in the national cultural policy framework: towards a global governance for the arts sector



Katherine Borlongan - Authoritarianism 2.0 : Censorship in Southeast Asia in the information age

Oswald Michelin - Examining the effect of new communication technologies on aboriginals in Canada's North

Dylan Mulvin - Sounds too learny: democratic aesthetics on the radio

Errol Salamon - Redefining the “Public” in Canadian Public Service Broadcasting: Ontario and Quebec Communities, Youth Participation, and National Identity on



Christine Crowther - Building Media Systems Post-Conflict – Integrating Public Service Broadcasting

Heather Gibb - Turn-of-the-Century Arts & Entertainment Culture and the Montreal Urban Public sphere

Christopher GutierrezOn the Material Imagination of The State

Patricia Anne Schmidt - Quebec Electric: Towards a Cultural Ecology of Contemporary Digital and Electronic Culture (Montreal in Europe and South America)

Everett Wilson - Public Intellectuals and Public Communication in Canada


Paulina Mickiewicz - Cultural identity, nationalism and libraries: a close study of the Quebec case

Heather MillsTransmedial commodity-worlds: Final Fantasy

Yasmine Nachabe TaanMagazine publishing in Lebanon from 1943 to 1975 



Tim Hecker - Urban Noise: Signification and Political Subjectivity in 19th and early 20th century N.America.

Alison Jacques - Coverage of female criminality and deviance in Canada's post-WWII tabloid press

Normand Landry - Radical and alternative media practices in Canada

Hélène Laurin  Journalistic accounts of heavy metal music

Aysha Mawani - Technology and citizenship; online identity formation

Jaclyn Reid - Visual Culture and Prostitution in the 19th Century, focusing on the intersection of commercial media and representations of women