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Old Passions New Visions: Social Movements and Political Activism in Quebec (Editor)



Quebec in the 1980s offers an apparent image of tranquil complacency: the Quiet revolution turned quiescent. Conventional wisdom tell us that independence is a dead issue and that the once powerful movements of the left are in disarray. Two-party politics is the order of the day, with the Quebec Liberals reborn and the Parti Quebecois refurbished.

Or se we are told. But the articles collected in Old Passions New Visions portray a different Quebec, a home to resilient and active social, political, and cultural movements. Within these movements the questions of nationalism, feminism, pacifism, labour, and socioeconomic emancipation are being debated and reframed to meet the new context of the times.

All of these articles were originally published in Quebec in the early to mid’1980s, and with two exceptions are now appearing in the English for the first time. As a taking of the current political pulse of Quebec, OP Passions New Visions provides an inside view of some of the most important authors, movements, and debates dealing with social questions in Quebec today.

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