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Public Broadcasting for the Twenty-first Century (Editor)



Despite the current turbulence affecting national broadcasting systems everywhere, the idea of broadcasting as public service continues to inspire creators, producers, programmers and policy-makers, as well as a wide array of constituencies that make up the public. Without minimizing obviously important national and regional differences, the question of public service broadcasting has become a global issue as we approach the Twenty-First century.

Countries with long-established public broadcasting institutions, such as one finds in Japan, Canada or Western Europe, are re-thinking the role to be played by these institutions. In newly emerging democracies of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, new models are being developed which seek to borrow from established public and commercial systems. In some parts of the world, such as Latin America, well developed community-based broadcasting systems provide further insight into the values and practices that can be attached to the idea of public service broadcasting.

Public Service Broadcasting for the 21st Century examines the situation of public broadcasting worldwide, in a number of different contexts, from a variety of thematic perspectives. Following an introductory overview of public broadcasting in an age of globalization, sixteen national and regional studies focus on a representative range of the main issues, obstacles and working models to be found in different parts of the world with respect to the basic principles of broadcasting as public service. Written by leading scholars and broadcasting practitioners, each chapter addresses the central theme from a particular geopolitical and sociocultural perspective. The unique result is the first truly global report on the question of public service broadcasting.

Initiated by the world Radio and Television Council, the Public Broadcasting for the 21st Twenty-First Century Project also received the support of the Communication Division of UNESCO and the Canadian International Development Agency.

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