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Global Media Policy in the New Millennium (Editor)



The terrain of media policymaking is shifting. What was still, even a short while ago, a field essentially defined by national legislative and regulatory frameworks and a minimum of international supervision, is now subject to a complex ecology of interdependent structures. This environment is characterized by a number of a new developments, the most significant of which is that communication policy is no longer ‘made’ at any clearly definable location, but is increasingly the result of a vast array of formal and informal mechanism working across a multiplicity of sites. Media policy today is the result of a set of complex and multifaceted operations that take place simultaneously and transversally in a range of venues that include national parliaments and ministries, international organizations such as the WTO, ITU and UNESCO, global ‘clubs’ such as the G8 and the OECD, regional bodies and treaty agreements such as the EU and NAFTA, as well as in transnational corporate boardrooms and on the barricades of antiglobalisation protests from Prague to Seattle.

Global Media Policy in the New Millennium explores a number of issues, themes and case studies the illustrate and enhance our understanding of this situation. A majority of the contributors are members of the Global Media Policy Working Group of the International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR).

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John Libbey Media / University of Luton Press

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