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Founding Assembly of the IMC

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Sunday, November 2nd 2-6pm Independent Media Center 2035 St-Laurent (map), 2nd floor 514-843-2018

 The Independent Media Center (IMC) is a free and open space, created as a tool for media activists and communities who are looking to produce and diffuse information relating to social movements, current events, local activism, political theory, and much more. It's also space for sharing; an autonomous framework where knowledge and skills can be spread in the spirit of support and mutual aid.

 The IMC has been open since September 20th, 2008, and has already hosted a few activities, while many more are being planned. Here is an example of some projects that have been proposed so far:

* An internet radio station

* Audio and video editing stations, as well as regular workshops on these skills

* An audio-videotheque complete with a viewing station

* A free software lab

* Tons of skill-share workshops (free software, independent journalism, interview techniques, lighting and photography, building transmitter-receivers, computer security, etc.)

* Updating and improving the website

* A weekly film projection series of documentary and fiction films


Beyond that, the IMC collective is hoping to open its space to individuals, groups, and collectives looking for venues to present workshops or other events in the framework of social justice and free media.

The founding assembly is the perfect moment to take part in the blossoming of the IMC!

 Proposed agenda for the assembly:

1. Opening

2. Introduction to the project

3. Divide into sub-committees

4. Report-backs from sub-committees

5. Structure (coordination and follow-up, shifts, etc.)

6. Next meetings for the committees

 **Whisper translation will be available at the assembly (english-french)

 **Childcare will be available for this meeting. If you need childcare, please contact us 24 hours in advance at

 In solidarity,

The IMC collective