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Darin Barney to speak on technology and rural life in Canada

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Media@McGill's Darin Barney has two speaking engagements in Alberta on October 20th; both deal with technology and rural life in Canada.

Professor Barney will first be speaking to an audience in the Department of Rural Economy at the Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta's main Edmonton campus. This seminar will introduce a project under development by the Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship Research Group concerning the transition from country elevators to high throughput terminals in the prairie grain industry. The project treats both country elevators and high throughputs as communication technologies insofar as, along with handling grain, they mediate particular and distinctive orientations to spatial and temporal experience. It also approaches these as highly political technologies, in that they have been sites of intensive political organization and contest, and have broad implications for the organization of social, political and economic life on the prairies.

Next, Darin will be speaking on Technology, Politics, and Rural Experience at the University of Alberta's Augustana campus in Camrose, Alberta.  The public lecture will explore the implications and political impact of technological change in rural communities. Both events are sponsored by the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, a strategic partnership between Augustana Campus and the Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences.