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Will Straw to be roundtable participant at Cultural Governance in Large Cities: Issues and Opportunities

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Media@McGill's acting director Professor Will Straw will be participating in a roundtable discussion at the Cultural Governance in Large Cities: Issues and Opportunities colloquium in Montreal on October 6th. The session in which he is participating is excerpted from the colloquium programme below:

Roundtable I: Rethinking Cultural Development in Cities and Metropolitan Regions

Elaborating and implementing modern cultural policies used to be the prerogative of the State and of governments, which eventually adopted strategies that favoured either decentralization, regionalization, or dialogue with local authorities. The rapid growth of cities and metropolitan regions at a time of globalization requires the need to rethink cultural policies and action based on their issues, needs and possibilities. How does this new dynamic unfold and what conditions are necessary in order for the policies and plans developed within cities to be successfully implemented?