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The Intermedial City | International Conference at McGill


In collaboration with the Center for Research on Intermediality, based at the Université de Montréal, Media@McGill is proud to host this international conference, which represents the first major scholarly event on media and cities in Canadian history.

"Media scholars have always noted the strong connection between the growth of cities and the growth of media. In Canada, despite our vast distances, most people live in large metropolitan areas and their experience of most media is as urban dwellers. This conference will draw on the rich traditions of media scholarship and urban studies which have developed in Canada, Europe and the Americas. It will examine everything from the status of airports as information hubs to the ways in which films capture the complexities of city life." says Media@McGill's William Straw.

The Intermedial City is an event which questions the notion of urbanity in today’s multiple mediations, as described by the CRI,

"By all counts, urban space has entered a period of transformation: the most recent phase of capitalist accumulation creates space and recreates cityscapes; neoliberal policies lead to a diminution of the State's capacity to direct urban growth; global cities gain relative autonomy from local sites; distension, fragmentation and conurbation blur the city's limits; new architectures open outward to information networks or redraw inner social boundaries; other landmarks and cultural indicators shift, making it impossible to project an image of the city. We propose to analyze and discuss how the city's multiple mediations, both a symptom and agent of these changes, signal continuities and ruptures with earlier forms of urban space."

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The event will take place on 9-11 October 2008, Thomson House, McGill University, 3650 McTavish, Montreal. For the detailed program, please see the pdf below.