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The Center for International Media Action

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From The Center for International Media Action site: 

"The CIMA website was created as an information-exchange space for groups using advocacy and activism to change the media system. The focus is on organizations and events, building our strategies and learning from each other. While CIMA is based in the U.S., and this is our primary frame of reference for the material on this site, we do work in a global context and within global movements: much of the material here is also relevant for advocates in other regions. Several excellent websites already provide daily news, action alerts, policy campaigns and articles about media issues; instead, our site is about the work of advocacy: information and communication to help us become more effective in our organizations and in our collective efforts.

This site is an extension of CIMA’s existing work. Since early 2003 we have been providing a regular calendar of media-activist events – it's now online and interactive. In November 2003 we published the first edition of the Media Policy Action Directory, featuring hundreds of organizations fighting media concentration – the Directory now will be expanded, electronic and searchable. We have also been writing, collecting and sharing reports, research and other tools and documents to reflect on and strengthen the field. These are now all online and organized in collaborative libraries, where any registered site member can contribute writings, comments and links."