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Video | Darin Barney: One Nation Under Google


One Nation Under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic
A public talk by Professor Darin Barney
Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship, McGill University.

This presentation took place Friday, March 14, 2008 in Arts W-215.
An archive video of this presentation is now available from Media @ McGill's YouTube channel.

In Dr. Barney's words, “technology is, at once, irretrievably political and consistently depoliticizing. It is at the centre of this contradiction that the prospects for citizenship in the midst of technology lie.” Presenting a range of examples from YouTube to the hidden networks of food production and government bureaucracy, Barney contests the common notion that technology necessarily leads to enhanced freedom and improved civic engagement. One Nation Under Google examines the challenge of citizenship in a technological society, and asks whether the demands of technology are taking over the practice of democracy.

CKUT will post its recording of the lecture at the following sites:

Radio 4 All

Rabble Podcast Network

National Campus & Community Radio Program Exchange

There is also a podcast of a segment with Darin this week on CKUTs Free Radicals science program.

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