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Crime, Media and Culture: An Ongoing Bibliographic Resource


This bibliography project is intended as a resource for scholars working in the field of crime, media and culture. It is a cross-disciplinary compilation of works dealing with various aspects of crime and its representation and circulation, with contributions from scholars in fields ranging from criminology to literature to gender studies. The idea for the bibliography project came out of the conference on Crime, Media and Culture which took place at McGill University in May of 2007 and brought together a wide range of ideas and research on the subject. By providing an online bibliographic resource, we hope to encourage and continue the sharing of ideas and networks among researchers and scholars interested in crime and media, while also recognizing the richness of the field as an object of inquiry.

The bibliography will be updated periodically, so check back to see new additions.

To contribute to the bibliography, send resources as a Word document (.doc) to annarebecca.leventhal (at) mail (dot) mcgill (dot) ca using Chicago-style formatting. Documents will be proofread for inconsistencies but it is your responsibility to ensure the information they contain is accurate.