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New Student Group at McGill: Rethinking Intellectual Property Policy (RIPP)

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RIPP is a student-run club at the Faculty of Law of McGill University. We seek to foster a community in which students can freely challenge the assumptions presently underlying intellectual property law. Students have the opportunity to discuss alternatives to the present IP structure such as the Creative Commons and open source movement. Planned activities include lectures and panel discussions featuring musicians, scholars and practitioners. We also intend to provide a space for collaborative and mixed-media projects such as podcasts and performance nights. Finally, fun and mild debauchery shall, of course, form an integral part of the club¹s mandate.

About IP 2.0

IP 2.0 is a collaboration between the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy  and the Faculty of Law's student IP club, RIPP. The blog provides a forum in which both students (and professors) can discuss their thoughts, ideas and visions relating to all aspects of IP. By involving students the blog hopes to accommodate fresh perspectives and engender rich debate.

1. Art in the Streets: Graffiti's Challenge to Intellectual Property Mon, Nov 9 5:30 - 7:30pm
3644 Peel, Room 100 (Faculty of Law)

RIPP Presents, "Art in the Streets: Graffiti's Challenge to Intellectual Property."

Graffiti poses interesting challenges to intellectual property. Come hear how.
Bring some questions because our panelists will be around for a Q & A after their discussion.

Presenting insightful conversations with:

Sterling Downey, Founder/Editor of Under Pressure Magazine Raymond Carrier, MBA, M.Ed, City of Montreal Roadsworth, Notorious Montreal Artist, Karen Crawley, D.C.L candidate, McGill University

Moderated by Nicholas Dodd, BCL/LLB


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2. Droit d'Auteur in the Information Society - Actual Challenges to Copyright for the Digital World by Dr. Till Kreutzer, Bureau for Information Law Expertise (i.e.), Hamburg, Germany Thurs, Nov 12 1:00 - 2:30pm
3644 Peel, Room 203 (Faculty of Law)

The role of Copyright is changing. By ruling the access to and the use of information, culture, arts and works of entertainment it appears to be the maybe most important field of regulation for the information society. In the course of its change of meaning, its increasing relevance for stakeholders and the society copyright law faces new conflicts that need to be identified and solved by the legislators. In this connection the interests of authors, rights holders and users needs to be rebalanced in order to encourage modern forms of creativity and distribution and to find an appropriate scope of the copyright.
The speaker will refer to these new challenges by addressing examples from the actual continental European copyright debate.

Dr. Till Kreutzer - Biography
University of Hamburg - Hans Bredow Institute - Associate Research Fellow

Dr. Till Kreutzer (born 1971) is a lawyer and a partner at i.e., Consultant Bureau for Information Law in Hamburg. He is a member of the Institute for Legal Issues of free and open Software² (ifrOSS), founding member and editor at, the information portal regarding copyrights in the digital world for consumers and people working in the creative industry, winner of the Grimme-Online-Award 2006. Dr. Till Kreutzer teaches copyright law, trademark law, data protection law and personality rights at various institutions (among other at the Akademie für Publizistik and the Evangelische Journalistenschule). In the context of the reform of copyright in the information society he was invited as expert to the hearing for the federal parliament legal committee at the enactment of the ³Law on Regulation of Copyright in the Information Society² (First and Second Basket²) and was a member of the man working group, which the federal government had convened to set up the ³Second Basket². He is a lecturer in E-Learning and has developed various E-Learning modules and other learning and information materials on the topic of E-Learning and law, among other things the programme ³Legal Issues in E-Learning², which was awarded with the ³European eLearning Award eureleA 2008². Furthermore, he is the author of numerous articles on tipics related to information law in specialist and consumer publications (eg. GRUR, CR, MMR, ZUM, brand eins, Telepolis, Süddeutsche Zeitung, EPD Medien, Stern). His dissertation with Prof. Dr. Hoffmann-Riem concerned the model of copyright and regulation alternatives and was published at the end of 2008 at Nomos Verlag

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