Media @ McGill


Media@McGill is made up of members in art history and in communication studies in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University.

  • Associate Professor, Grierson Chair in Communication Studies

    Critical theory; political economy; materialist approaches to media and communication; infrastructure; disruptive politics; philosophy of technology

  • Associate Professor

    Diaspora studies; transnational communications and cultural studies.

  • Associate Professor, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy

    Computer hacking; digital activism; online collaboration.

  • Associate Professor & William Dawson Scholar of Cinema and Media History, Department of East Asian Studies and World Cinemas Program

    Japanese Avant-Garde and Independent Cinema, Film and Media Theory, Moving-Image Studies, Photography, Marxism, Anarchism and Political Activism, Continental Philosophy, and Visual Culture.

  • Assistant Professor

    European Renaissance art and culture, with special focus on Italy; social rites, leisure, and festivity; cultural tourism; the early modern art market and practices of collection and display; art theory and hierarchy of media and genres; issues of interpictoriality and intermediality

  • Associate Professor

    Nineteenth-century art; gender, race, sexuality, sickness and health.

  • Associate Professor

    Theories of representation in art and science.

  • Associate Professor

    Critical policy studies; discourse and genre theory; civil society participation in policy change processes (including the role of philanthropy). Policy issue specializations: digital inclusion, network neutrality, media justice, and digital rights.

  • Professor

    Black diaspora studies; race and representation; visual culture of slavery.

  • Professor, Beaverbrook Chair in Ethics, Media and Communications

    Canadian media institutions; communication policy; global media governance; international communication.

  • Associate Professor, William Dawson Scholar in Feminist Media Studies

    Cultural studies of journalism, crime and violence; feminist media studies.

  • Full Professor, James McGill Chair in Contemporary Art History

    Contemporary media arts; Augmented Reality; perception; spectatorship; and new forms of temporality in contemporary art.

  • Professor, James McGill Chair in Culture and Technology

    Sound studies; history and theory of media; science and technology studies; new media; disability studies; music; cultural studies

  • Professor, James McGill Professor of Urban Media Studies

    Canadian culture and globalization; crime, visuality and print media; film studies; urban culture

  • Professor

    Early modern art and cultural studies (1500–1700); historiography and methodologies