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Media Education Kit published by UNESCO

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"Media Education: A Kit for Teachers, Students, Parents and Professionals" has been published in English and French by UNESCO. The kit is partly a product of the MENTOR project initiated by UNESCO and supported by the European Commission.

What should media education be like? Who should provide it? How should it be included in a curriculum? Beyond schools, do families have a say in the matter? Can professionals be involved and how? What strategies can the public adopt to deal with the benefits and the limitations of media?

These are some of the questions addressed by the kit. It proposes a prototype of media education curriculum for the basic qualification of secondary school teachers, but it also extends its modular approach and key concepts (production, language, representation, public) to adults outside the school system, be they parent, media professional or decision-maker. In addition to a teachers’ manual and accompanying students’ handbook, the kit also contains a manual for parents as well as a handbook on ethical relations with professionals and one on internet literacy.

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These kits can be downloaded here (English, French).

For a hard copy, please write to Hara Prasad Padhy.