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Gillaume Sirois

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Globalized artistic practices in the national cultural policy framework: Towards a global governance for the arts sector

My PhD research will contribute to the study of culture and globalization by examining how artists are developing new ways of practicing their art, which challenge the traditional relationship between the artist and the state. In the past few years, I have been able to observe some examples of what I would call "globalized artistic practices". These examples show the emergence of a new class of artists that is the source of the shift in the relationship between the state and the artist.

My hypothesis is that the current cultural policy framework, based mainly if not exclusively on the state, is no longer adequate to answer the needs for support of this globalized artistic milieu. Indeed, this framework cannot provide an appropriate response to three fundamental needs, which were traditionally met by the state: production of art, promotion of art on the international scene, and legal protection of artistic productions.

This research will lead to the question of the global governance in the arts sector. If the framework of national cultural policies is no longer adequate to nurture some particular art practices, one has to imagine a new system, in which part of the support to the arts sector would be provided by some kind of international power. This notion can already be found in UNESCO's thinking: "Delegation upwards implies innovating with global institutions that would avoid the mutually destructive and ultimately self-destructive actions of sovereign states acting in their perceived national interest without coordination in areas that are of global concern" (UNESCO, 1996).