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Media@McGill Articles and Information Articles and information produced by Media@McGill editorial staff are, unless other stated, in the public domain and consequently, can be freely copied and reproduced. In the case of original publishing on the Media@McGill site, we request that you cite the source of the article (Media@McGill), the address of the page referenced, and when warranted, the name of the author(s)/editor(s). External Contributors We deem that publication by contributors on Media@McGill site constitutes implied consent that the articles and other documents submitted may be freely copied and reproduced (with acknowledgement of the group or individual author mentioned in the article). Articles Reproduced with the Permission of the Authors Some articles published on the Media@McGill site are not in the public domain, but reproduced with the permission of the author. In certain cases, this permission applies only to Media@McGill. When in doubt, ask us: Translation The translation and adaptation of material on the Media@McGill site for distribution on the Internet is authorized and subject to the Public License of Translation, provided that the translated version is accompanied by this same licence. This license does not apply to material that is not in the public domain. Summary of the Public License of Translation The public translation license recognizes, in the use of the language proper, the manifestation of a fundamental right of the individual, and views the Internet as a free space for the exchange of ideas. This license authorizes the translation, modification and adaptation for distribution on the Internet of the work it protects, provided that the translated version or derivative is accompanied by this same license. Without prejudice to the ownership of the work, the author agrees that the beneficiaries of this license have the rights equal to theirs, according to the respective versions. Disclaimer The contributors are alone responsible for the contents of their submissions. Media@McGill is in no way liable for the contents of articles and other documents Copyright Conditions Media@McGill editorial policy encourages the use of a Creative Commons open license that specifies: attribution required – noncommercial use – share alike, unless otherwise stated or other pre-existing rights apply. See Creative Commons Media@McGill upholds copyright protection as defined under Canadian law. Out of respect for these rights, we recognize our responsibility to cite the article’s title and the name of the source and author where technically possible. We ask our contributors to do likewise and not to submit articles protected by copyright. Whoever feels that we are not respecting Canadian copyright law, or the laws pertaining to defamation, protection of privacy, image protection or public decency, is asked to bring this to our attention: