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Barney, Darin


Associate Professor, Grierson Chair in Communication Studies

Interest and Bio: 

Darin Barney was born in Burnaby, Canada, and studied at Simon Fraser University and the University of Toronto, where he trained in political theory and received a Ph.D. in 1999. He has worked at several universities in Canada and the United States and from 2005-2015 was Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship at McGill University, where he has also served as Chair of the Department of Art History and Communication Studies (2005-2007) and Director of the Graduate Program in Communication Studies (2010-2013). He was President of the Canadian Communication Association from 2010-2012, and served on the Advisory Council of the Law Commission of Canada from 2000-2005. He has received several awards for his academic work, including the inaugural Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada's Aurora Prize for outstanding contribution to Canadian intellectual life by a new researcher (2003). He is a member of the Petrocultures Research Group, a founding member of Media@McGill, and a Director of the Dubrovnik Radical Critical Theory Circle.


Grain-handling infrastructure and the transformation of political subjectivity on the Canadian prairies; pipelines as media of political action


Prof. Barney is the author of several scholarly works, including One Nation under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic (2007 Hart House Lecture); Communication Technology: The Canadian Democratic Audit (UBC Press: 2005); The Network Society (Polity Press: 2004); and Prometheus Wired: The Hope for Democracy in the Age of Network Technology (University of Chicago Press 2000). He is co-editor of several books and journal editions, including The Participatory Condition (University of Minnesota: 2016, with Coleman, Ross, Sterne and Tembeck); Community in the Digital Age: Philosophy and Practice (Rowman and Littlefield: 2004 with Andrew Feenberg) and a special issue of Theory & Event on Quebec’s “Maple Spring” (2012; with Brian Massumi and Cayley Sorochan).

Faculty page: 

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Prof. Barney’s current teaching and supervisory interests include: critical theory; political economy; materialist approaches to media and communication; infrastructure; disruptive politics; and philosophy of technology.


Critical theory; political economy; materialist approaches to media and communication; infrastructure; disruptive politics; philosophy of technology