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Research Collaborations



  • Impact des politiques de logiciels libres: Stéphane Couture is a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University. With Media@McGill, he is conducting a research project entitled: Impact des politiques de logiciels libres (Phase I). Une étude sur l'impact socio-économique sur le Québec de différents scénarios de politiques gouvernementales favorables aux logiciels libres. The research is funded by the Gouvernement du Québec – Centre des services partagés du Québec.                                                                                                
  • The Human Ecosystems (HE) project is an initiative spearheaded by Art is Open Source (AOS), a non-profit entity based in Italy. HE is a worldwide effort to engage communities into new forms of public space, using social networks. Media@McGill is collaborating with Mutek on the Montreal chapter of the Human Ecosystem project.

  • Media@McGill Delegation to the 2015 World Social Forum: Media@McGill sent a delegation composed of Media@McGill member, student, postdoc and staff to the 2015 World Social Forum in Tunis, Tunisia. In addition to active participation in the Forum, the members held meetings both before and after the event, prepared scholarly publications, and are involved in the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal.

  • Media@McGill at the 2016 World Forum on Free Media: Media@McGill is supporting the 5th World Forum on Free Media, or WFFM, an international event that will convene in Montréal, August 7 - 14, 2016, as part of the World Social Forum (WSF). The WFFM in Montréal will be a public event bringing together students, established and emerging scholars as well as civil society actors from Canada and abroad, working in the field of community and Indigenous media as well as civil society based-technological innovation.

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