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Media, Art and Politics - 2017-2018 theme

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This year’s theme is Media, Art, and Politics. In the context of the neo-fascist turn in regional and global politics, ongoing eruptions of white supremacist violence, “alternative facts” and attacks on scientific discourse and research, the entrenchment of irreconcilable political positions, the crises of gender-based violence directed at people of colour and Indigenous people, and the countless other events that make despair seem like a viable option, we redirect our attention. Media@McGill’s programming for the year focuses on dissent, mobilization, politicized art practice, and insurgent media. Toward that end, we are organizing events that stimulate discussion about the oppositional and generative potential of artist and activist collectives, storytelling and satire, direct action (on and offline), alternative media networks, dialogue across echo chambers, and anti-violence agitation.