Media @ McGill

Graduate Members




Postdoctoral scholars:

Mohamed Ben Moussa

“Social Media and Social Movements in the Arab Spring: A Network Analysis Perspective” (FQRSC)

Supervisor: Darin Barney


Anne-Marie Bouchard

“La Construction visuelle du capitalisme dans la culture médiatique: l’illustration photographique dans les quotidiens allemands, français et anglais de l’entre-deux-guerres” (SSHRC)

Supervisor: Mary Hunter


Stéphane Couture

"L'inscription de valeurs politiques dans le design du code source: le cas des logiciels libres" (FQRSC)

Supervisor: Gabriella Coleman


Alessandro Delfanti

“Hacking your brain cancer medical records: radical sharing and patients' participatory practices” (2013-2014 Media@McGill Postdoctoral Fellow)

Alessandro Delfanti, Biohackers. The politics of open science. London: Pluto Press, 2013

Alessandro Delfanti, Biohackers. The politics of open science. London: Pluto Press, 2013 - See more at:
Alessandro Delfanti, Biohackers. The politics of open science. London: Pluto Press, 2013 - See more at:
Alessandro Delfanti, Biohackers. The politics of open science. London: Pluto Press, 2013 - See more at:
Alessandro Delfanti, Biohackers. The politics of open science. London: Pluto Press, 2013 - See more at:

Supervisor: Gabriella Coleman


Camilla Haavisto

“Structures of Compassion - Media, Migration and the Politics of Emotions”

“Immigrant Media Workers in Finland and Quebec: Career Paths, Intermediaries, and Local Labor Markets” (The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, Finland)

Supervisor: Darin Barney


Amy Adele Hasinoff

“Sexting: The Politics of Social Media and Sexuality” (SSHRC)

Supervisor: Carrie Rentschler


Angela Joosse

“The Art of Movement: Marie Menken's Expanding Cinema” (SSHRC)

Supervisor: Christine Ross


Cait McKinney

"AIDS Activism Online: Information, Crisis, and the Emergent Internet" (2015-2016 Media@McGill Postdoctoral Fellow)

Supervisor: Carrie Rentschler


Kyle Stine

"Cinema without Us: Machine Perception and Human Finitude (2014-2015 Media@McGill Postdoctoral Fellow)

Supervisor: Jonathan Sterne


PhD candidates:


Tawny Andersen

"Performativity as Critical Praxis" (SSHRC Doctoral Award, Media@McGill Graduate Research Fellowship, Media@McGill Graduate Travel Award, McGill Office of the Dean Arts Graduate Travel Student Award, McGill AHCS Graduate Excellence Award)

Supervisor: Amelia Jones


Caroline Bem

“From Writing Tablets to System Reboots: Death Proof and the Cinematic Diptych” (Archie Malloch Graduate Fellowship in Public Learning; Media@McGill Dissertation Completion Grant, Media@McGill Graduate Research Fellowship, among others)

Supervisor: Will Straw


Reilley Bishop-Stall

"Catastrophe Exposed: Temporal Suspension, Photographic Performance and the Catastrophic Impulse in Contemporary Art"

Supervisor: Christine Ross


Sylvie Boisjoli

"The Emergence of Prehistoric Time in Nineteenth-Century France" (SSHRC CGS, Media@McGill Travel Award) 

Supervisor: Mary Hunter


(Julia) Morgan Charles

"Coulé dans le béton: A Cultural History of Concrete in Montreal" (Fred and Betty Price Research Award, Media@McGill Graduate Travel Grant, Canadian Centre for Architecture Collection Research Grant, FQRSC Doctoral research grant)

Supervisor: Will Straw


Shana Cooperstein

"Reading between the Lines: Post-Academic Drawing Pedagogy in Nineteenth-Century France."

Supervisor: Mary Hunter.


Lisa Cornfeld

“Mourning Becomes Electronic: Death and Dying in Memorial technology”

Supervisor: Jonathan Sterne.


Christine Crowther

“(Re)Building Media Systems Post-Conflict – Considering Spaces for Deliberative Journalism Practices” (Media@McGill Graduate Research Grant; FQRSC; Beaverbrook/Media@McGill Entrance Fellowship)

Supervisor: Marc Raboy


Ryan Alexander Diduck

“MIDI-Made Music: The Networking of Electronic Instruments, 1981-1989” (SSHRC CGS; Media@McGill Travel Grant)

Supervisor: Jonathan Sterne


Lotfi Gouigah

"Opacity as the New Perspective: Lynn Hershman Leeson, Pharmakon, and Performativity" (Beaverbrook/Media@McGill Entrance Fellowship, The Bram Garber Fellowship in Art History, The McCall MacBain Fellowship, AHCS Graduate Excellence Fellowship)

Supervisor: Amelia Jones


Tomasz Grusiecki

"Globalising the Art of the Periphery: Poland-Lithuania under the Vasas and its Artistic Exchange with the World (1587-1668)"

Supervisor: Angela Vanhaelen

Alison Jacques

“Justice Weekly: Reading a Canadian Tabloid” (SSHRC CGS; Beaverbrook Graduate Research Fellowship; Arts Graduate Student Travel Award; Beaverbrook/Media@McGill Graduate Travel Grant; Media@McGill Dissertation Completion Grant)

Supervisor: Will Straw


Gretchen King

"Valuing Radio Al-Balad: The Role of Community Radio Audiences in Transforming Politics in Jordan" (SSHRC; FQRSC; Beaverbrook Traveling Scholar;  Arts Graduate Research Travel Award)

Supervisor: Becky Lentz


Nathaniel Laywine

"Help, Learn, Explore: The Possibilities and Practices of Global Citizenship Among International Volunteers" (SSHRC; Arts Graduate Research Travel Award; Media@McGill Graduate Research Fellowship; CIDA Research to Policy Fellowship, Beaverbrook Graduate Award)

Supervisor: Carrie Rentschler


Isabelle Masse

"Portraits de la modernité: Le médium du pastel et sa réception dans la France des Lumières" (SSHRC, Media@McGill)

Supervisor: Angela Vanhaelen


Dylan Mulvin

"Prototyping Knowledge from the Metre Stick to the Secret Shopper" (SSHRC CGS; Media@McGill Travel Grant; Jean de Grandpré prize).

Supervisor: Jonathan Sterne


Jonathan Rouleau

"The Cultural Roles of Universities in Montreal: Reframing the University-City Approach" (Media@McGill Graduate Research Fellowships; Jean de Granpré Award; McCall McBain Fellowship; Frank and Judith Kunz Fellowship in Humanities)

Supervisor: Will Straw


Errol Salamon

"Making Media Work: The Alternative Media of Newspaper and Broadcasting Workers, Labour Disputes, and Social Change" (FQRSC; Media@McGill).

Supervisor: Marc Raboy


Molly Sauter

"Break in the Signal: Disruptive Activism, ICT Failures, and Silent Spaces as Zones of Politics" [Thomlinson Doctoral Fellowship (2013-2015); Vanier Scholar (2015-2018)]

Supervisor name: Gabriella Coleman


Abigail Shapiro 

“Between Art and Architecture: Feminist Installation Art in New York, 1970 - 1985” (Media@McGill Graduate Travel Grant; Canadian Centre for Architecture Collection Research Grant, Arts Graduate Travel Award)

Supervisor: Amelia Jones


Guillaume Sirois

"Aesthetics, Ethics, Politics: Making Judgement in the Global Art World" [Doctoral research scholarship - Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC) (2011-2014)]

Supervisor: Marc Raboy


Sonja Solomun

"New Media and Cultural Memory: From Archiving to Sharing the Social in Digital Photography"

Supervisor: WIll Straw


Cayley Sorochan

"The Participatory Complex" (SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and FQRSC Doctoral Scholarship)

Supervisor: Darin Barney


Claudia Marion Stemberger

"Art, Chance, and Contingency in the Context of the (Western) History of Ideas: An Art Historiography from the 1890s to the 1970s" (Beaverbrook Traveling Scholar / Media@McGill Travel Grant; Abner Kingman Fellowship in the Arts; Graduate Excellence Fellowship)

Supervisor: Amelia Jones


Erandy Vergara-Vargas

“Interactive Installations in Latin America” (SSHRC; FQRSC; Abner Kingman Fellowships in Arts; RA and Arts Insight; Beaverbrook/Media@McGill Graduate Travel Grant; Arts Graduate Student Travel Award)

Supervisor: Christine Ross


Master's candidates: 


Katherine Hales

“Space, Place, and Memory: Pluralism and National Identity in the Canadian Museum of History”

Supervisor: Jenny Burman


Nick Maturo

SoundCloud as Immaterial Labour: The Changing Conditions of Musical Work Online" (Beaverbrook/Media@McGill Entrance Fellowship, AHCS Graduate Excellence Award, AHCS Jean de Grandpré Prize, SSHRC CGSM)

Supervisor: Darin Barney


Lorenzo Vargas

"Citizens’ Media and Identity Among Colombian Internally Displaced Youth: Possibilities for Peace" (Media@McGill Graduate Travel Grant).

Supervisor: Becky Lentz