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Arne Hintz Speaks to Montreal Gazette on the Difficulties Whistleblowers Face

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Post-doctoral scholar Arne Hintz was cited in an article looking at society's treatment of whistle-blowers published in today's Montreal Gazette. Titled, "The Heavy Price of Telling the Truth", the article discusses the hesitance faced by potential whistle-blowers in the wake of the Quebec anti-corruption commission's appeal for Quebecers to come forward with any knowledge of criminal activity. Referring to alleged WikiLeaks' whistle-blower, Bradley Manning, Hintz said whistle-blowers tend to be confronted by dire consequences, usually, disproportionate to the act of whistle-blowing. He also spoke of the efforts within the media to overcome the lack of anonymity given to whistle-blowers- a key impediment in encouraging whistle-blowers to come forward.

Arne Hintz is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Art History and Communication Studies department at McGill. He is currently working on the Mapping Global Media Policy project and is a co-author of Beyond WikiLeaks, which is due to be published later this year.