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Al Jazeera English reporter banned from China

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Little known outside the circles of Al Jazeera English viewers, Melissa Chan's name has now become synonymous with media censorship in China. Chan, Al Jazeera English's correspondent in China for five years, had her press visa revoked earlier this month by Chinese authorities. Although the breaking of "Chinese laws and regulations" was cited by a Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Chan says she covered stories "as honestly and equitably as one can." Yet, even without breaking any laws, Chan may have veered too far from an acceptable discourse in her reporting of China's secret black jails - incarceration establishments outside the official judicial system.

She has now become the first foreign journalist to be banned from reporting on Chinese soil in 13 years, igniting a debate on whether China is taking significant steps backward in media censorship. Watch Chan's interview on AJE's The Listening Post to hear more about her experience and the direction China is taking with regard to the foreign media.