Media @ McGill

2012-2017 program: Media & Democracy


Media and Democracy: Media@McGill's five-year program focuses on Media and Democracy and is structured around specific themes (See below for the yearly themes). The themes are addressed in yearly programs composed of public lectures, public panels, the Media@McGill Beaverbrook Annual Lecture, specialized workshops and seminars, a visiting professor’s program, conferences organized by graduate and postdoctoral students, art events, various publications and website documentation. Each theme is examined from different perspectives stemming from a range of disciplines in natural sciences, computing sciences, social sciences, the humanities and the arts. The 2012-2017 program tentatively unfolds as follows:

(2012-2013) Media, War and Conflict

(2013-2014) Participatory Media

(2014-2015) Media, Senses and Sensibilities

(2015-2016) Art, Media and the Public Sphere

(2016-2017) Media and the Environment

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In 2011, Medi
[Five Year Booklet]a@McGill celebrated its five-year anniversary as a hub of research, scholarship and public outreach on issues and controversies in media, technology and culture. Download our commemorative booklet to read about our achievements during five exceptional years of observing the media.