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Computers, freedom and privacy conference

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Debate the Future at the 17th annual Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference, 1-4 May 2007 at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal, Quebec.

CFP is the conference where the inventors and innovators on the Internet met the industry, the regulators, and the creative community to talk about the new freedoms the net brought. Free speech, censorship, filtering spam, crypto controls, business security, dataveillance, were all meat for the all-night debates that took place at this annual gathering.

There has never been a greater need to talk about these issues. This year's agenda is packed with plenaries and breakout sessions, and Birds of a Feather sessions that look at all aspects of the growing threats and opportunities for autonomy in cyberspace.


Featured Speakers

* Whitfield Diffie Sun Microsystems

* Ron Rivest MIT

* Simon Davies Privacy International

* Michael Geist University of Ottawa

* Bruce Schneier BT Counterpane

* Kim Cameron Microsoft

* 1 full day workshop * 8 half day tutorials * Topics include: * IDManagement * Digital Divide * Surveillance * Stalking * Wiretap * Waron drugs * Digital Millenium Copyright Act * Charter rights * RFIDs *Spyware * No Fly lists * Traffic analysis * Airline Passenger Data *Health Information * Censorship * Data Retention * Forensics * Security Information Management.

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Simultaneous Translation throughout plenary sessions

*Discounts for Students and ACM Members*

Stephanie Perrin Chair