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Canadian Association of Cultural Studies now based at McGill


The Canadian Association of Cultural Studies (CACS) is now based at McGill until Winter 2012, jointly hosted by Media@McGill and the Dept. of Art History and Communication Studies.

The Association is run by an On-Site Committee consisting of faculty members from McGill, Concordia, and UQAM, and chaired by Prof. Jenny Burman (McGill, Communication Studies). CACS aims to promote the interests of those teaching and studying cultural studies in Canada by facilitating the circulation and exchange of research nationally and internationally.

The Association also aims to make connections with, and plan activities in concert with social, political and community groups. These activities may include public symposia and the production of working papers and other materials designed as interventions into public discussions of current social, political and cultural issues.

CACS will hold two conferences during its tenure at McGill: one in October 2009, and another in Fall 2011. They will also hold a launch event in January 2009 with a round table exploring cultural studies in Quebec.

As CACS chair Jenny Burman put it, "We are very happy that CACS has been afforded this chance to be part of the life of the university, Media@McGill, and the broader Montreal community. We look forward to holding conferences and events that will make long-lasting contributions to cultural studies scholarship in Canada".