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Darin Barney on CBC : a feature interview


CBC Radio's “The Current” (88.5 FM) broadcast an in-depth interview with Darin Barney, Wednesday March 21, at 9.30 am. The interview was a prelude to Darin's Hart House lecture at the University of Toronto on Thursday March 22.

When asked about the relationship between citizenship and contemporary technology, Professor Barney had the following to say : "The scale of contemporary technology is such that there is an urgent need to subject its possibilities to political judgment. In democratic contexts, this means that technology must be approached as a matter of citizenship. We can no longer pretend that technology is not political, or leave it to corporate and military leaders, scientists, engineers and ethicists to settle technological controversies. But how do we even begin to think about the relationship between technology and citizenship? My lecture is intended as a small step in the direction of answering this question."

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